Back HIV Prevention Pre-exposure (PrEP) IAS 2011: AIDS is at a Scientific Watershed [VIDEO]

IAS 2011: AIDS is at a Scientific Watershed [VIDEO]


Speaking Sunday at the 6th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2011) opening plenary and press conference, IAS President and conference co-chair Elly Katabira underlined recent advances in biomedical prevention, including findings from the iPrEx, Partners PrEP and TDF2, and HPTN 052 trials showing that pre-exposure prophylaxis and early treatment can reduce HIV transmission. 

There has been a "scientific watershed in the global AIDS response," Katabira said. "The results presented this week could prove to be as important for the future as the antiretroviral breakthroughs of the 1990s."

Katabira also talked about emerging research towards a cure for HIV and the importance of global access to HIV medications unhindered by patent laws.

Excerpt of Katabira's remarks at IAS 2011 opening press conference, July 17, 2011:

A full recording of the opening plenary will be available on the IAS 2011 website at