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AIDS 2014: People with HIV -- Not Victims But Partners [VIDEO]


Recalling the Denver Principles -- the 1983 declaration of the self-empowerment of people with HIV/AIDS -- John Manwaring, a young gay man living with HIV, spoke at the 20th International AIDS Conference last month in Melbourne about the need for HIV positive people to be full partners in efforts to expand HIV awareness, prevention, and treatment.

Manwaring summarized his take-home message from the conference at a media briefing on the final day of the conference.

John Manwaring, closing press briefing, July 25, 2014.

"It needs to be understood that people living with HIV are not 'victims,' we're not 'sufferers' any more, we are living full and wonderful lives," he said. "We are active and willing participants in fighting this battle, and we need to be made full partners."8/7/14


20th International AIDS Conference. Melbourne, July 20-25 2014.