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Inflammation & Immune Activation

EACS 2011: Does Maraviroc Intensification Promote Better CD4 Cell Recovery?

Adding maraviroc (Selzentry or Celsentri) to a suppressive antiretroviral regimen may help promote CD4 T-cell recovery in a subset of patients who experience poor immunological response to treatment, according to 2 studies presented at the 13th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2011) this month in Belgrade.alt

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Does CD8 Cell Activation Affect CD4 Cell Recovery on ART?

Greater activation of CD8 "killer" T-cells was associated with smaller gains in CD4 "helper" T-cells among people in Uganda who achieved good HIV viral load suppression on antiretroviral therapy (ART), researchers reported in the August 30, 2011, advance online edition of AIDS.


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TBR-652 Inhibits HIV, May Dampen Inflammation

TBR-652, a drug that blocks both CCR5 and CCR2 cell receptors, showed potent antiviral activity against HIV, but did not change most inflammation biomarkers.

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Do Statins Reduce Risk of Death for People with HIV?

HIV positive people on suppressive antiretroviral therapy (ART) were significantly less likely to die if they were also taking a statin drug to manage blood lipids, researchers reported in the July 12, 2011, online edition of the open access journal PLoS ONE. The researchers suggested that statins' ability to reduce inflammation may have a survival benefit for people with HIV.alt

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Untreated HIV Increases Inflammation in Women

Women with untreated HIV infection had different cytokine patterns and higher levels of inflammatory biomarkers than HIV negative WIHS participants, but antiretroviral therapy largely reversed this effect.

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